Publications & Media


Publications arising from the ELDEL (WP1) and the MABEL projects:

Caravolas, M.; Lervåg, A.; Mikulajová, M., Defior, S.; Seidlová Málková, G.; & Hulme, C. (2019). A cross-linguistic, longitudinal study of the foundations of decoding and reading comprehension ability. Scientific Studies of Reading, Online First. doi:

Caravolas, M. (2017). Growth of Word and Pseudoword Reading Efficiency in Alphabetic Orthographies: Impact of Consistency. Journal of Learning Disabilities,

Caravolas, M.; Lervåg, A.; Defior, S.; Seidlová Málková, G.; & Hulme, C. (2013) Different patterns, but equivalent predictors, of growth in reading in consistent and inconsistent orthographies. Psychological Science, 24, 1398-1407. (Available online)

Caravolas, M.; Lervåg, A.; Mousikou, P.; Efrim, C.; Litavsky, M.; Onochie-Quintanilla, E.; Salas, N.; Schöffelová, M.; Defior, S.; Mikulajová, M.; Seidlová-Málková G.; & Hulme, C. (2012). Common patterns of prediction of literacy development in different alphabetic orthographies. Psychological Science, 23(6), 678-686. (Available online)

Additional outputs

Mikulajová, M. (2019). MABEL – multijazyková batéria testov ranej gramotnosti, založená na dôkazoch [MABEL – Multilanguage Assessment Battery of Early Literacy – An evidence-based tool]. Psychológia a patopsychológia dieťaťa, 53, 2019, 2, 134–146.

Salas, N., & Caravolas, M. (2019).  Dimensionality of early writing in English and Spanish.  Journal of Literacy Research, 51, 272-292.

Onochie-Quintanilla, E., Defior, S. A., & Simpson, I. C. (2019). RAN and orthographic processing: What can syllable frequency tell us about this relationship? Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 182, 1-17.

Onochie-Quintanilla, E., Defior, S. & Simpson, I. C. (2017). Visual Multi-Element Processing as a Pre-Reading Predictor of Decoding Skill. Journal of Memory and Language, 94, 134–148.

Doctoral Theses

Onochie-Quintanilla, E. Cognitive precursors to reading skill acquisition in Spanish. Granada: Universidad de Granada, 2016. [].  Doctoral Thesis

Salas, N. (2013). Early development of text writing in two contrasting orthographies: English and Spanish. Bangor University. Doctoral Thesis

Schöffelová, M. (2013). Porozumění syntaktickým strukturám u dětí mladšího školního věku. Disertační práce. Praha: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Pedagogická fakulta. 180 s. [Understanding syntactic structures of children of early school age. Charles University, Prague, Faculty of Education. 180 pgs. Doctoral Thesis.]


About MABEL from around the world.

Interview, in Spanish, by Dr Bárbara Gotheil (Grupo Indago, Argentina) with Prof. Sylvia Defior about the making of the MABEL test tool.

Short video by Alica Ondrášová (Comenius University, Slovakia) about MABEL.