RAN – Colours

This test measures naming speed of non-alphanumeric items, that is, of visually presented items that do not require alphabetic or numeric knowledge.  More specifically, this test measures the ability to quickly and fluently produce verbal labels for highly familiar colour patches.

Age range

Because it is non-alphanumeric, this test is appropriate for kindergarteners/Reception Year children as well as for grade 1 and 2 children (in fact, this test can be used to older age groups through to adulthood).

Scoring: speed, errors

Speed: Naming speed is obtained by averaging the number of seconds taken to name the full set of colours across two trials.

Errors:  The error rate is obtained by averaging the number of incorrectly named and skipped colour names across two trials. Note, error rates are only considered qualitatively as these are usually very low.


Current English norms are available for children in Reception Year, Years 1 and 2.

Materials for administration

Recording device, Stopwatch, RAN Colours Practice and Test Card, RAN Colours Scoresheet

Please ensure you are using the most up-to-date test version:

Test Version: 2

Norm Version: 1

Updated: 23.02.2021

Download PDF Version

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